A Day in the Life of a Sexologist


Sexologist CV

Now that I’ve finished my Ph.D., I’m looking for an adjunct teaching job for the spring semester.

Updating my CV has been a hoot. I hate my CV. It’s not pretty when you take work experience that is edgy and innovative (feminist sex-positive empowerment through an entertainment model) done in non-traditional grassroots settings (living rooms, sex shops, youtube, tumblr) and try to turn it into academic bullet points in Times New Roman.

What you get are things like

  • designed and presented seminar on penile anatomy and the inherent sexism of the binary cultural phenomenon around semen ingestion

In English, this is known as, I teach blowjobs classes that highlights the question ‘spit or swallow?’ Actually I took that part out because that’s just too much, but seriously, how do I articulate the work that I do in this format?

Yeah yeah yeah I have the credentials since I have one undergraduate and two graduate degrees in sexuality, and I have the teaching experience, since I do approx 100-130 paid speaking engagements a year, including at pretty prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Temple School of Medicine, but I want them to know about the PASSION! And how do I articulate my life-consuming passion with bullet points?

I wish I could apply by saying “google my name, watch me in front of a group of people for 30 seconds, read any 2 pages out of my book, and you’ll have everything you need to know about why you want me to teach your undergrad human sexuality course”. That’s what I do to book speaking gigs, and since I’ve never had a real job and have been self-employed my entire adult life, that’s the only way I know how to sell myself. I don’t know how to sell myself with a CV. Bullet points. Bleh.

If anyone knows of any openings to teach human sexuality at the college level, send it my way!