A Day in the Life of a Sexologist


Women’s Rally in West Chester- A Reflection

A little reflection, if I may, on the women’s rally that was held in West Chester last weekend. Now, I speak several times a week and have spoken in front of thousands and thousands of people, to crowds bigger than were there at the rally. But I was still a pinch nervous because it was my first political speech. My public speaking efforts have largely been for entertainment or education, and political advocacy but never a rah rah rah bang on the podium rally kind of political speech.

So I decided to keep my usual platform. I used entertainment (it’s my style) and education into my speech, by giving a “sex ed lesson” to the politicians who have been saying ignorant and demeaning things about women, women’s health, and women’s sexuality. But I added a few rah rah rah moments to get people fired up. I’m happy to report it worked out well, and it was filmed for an episode of my show “A Day in the Life of a Sexologist”, which will be airing later this fall.

Other cool news is that Ryan, my dad, and Gram came out. It was the first time my dad has seen me in action doing my sexologist at the mic thing, so that was good for me. It was also a VERY new audience of folks who would NEVER otherwise hear my thoughts on women and sexual justice, such as a whole host of local and state politicians who were there. I was pleased because although all of you reading this in internet land know what I’m about, much of West Chester still views me as the trouble maker who owns the vibrator store, so it was nice for members of my community to see my true colors.

The less than cool thing is… ugh… there weren’t many people there. I’m like COMMMEEEE OOOOONNNNN!!!!! I am so damn sick of no one taking this seriously! Tons of people walked past the busy street while the rally was going on, and the organizers tried to get passersby to participate, and they were like… disgusted. A ton of young college women were literally put off by the thought of standing on the grass and hearing the speakers. This infuriates me. OPEN YOUR EYEBALLS WOMEN!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! The issues discussed effect YOUNG women’s lives, and yet it was all older women and men at the rally. Older women and men don’t have to worry about birth control and abortion being safe and legal- they won’t be getting pregnant. Older women and men don’t have to worry about pay inequity- they’re retired. These are YOUNG WOMEN issues and yet all the young women had these horrified looks on their faces at the thought of standing there at the rally to stand up for their lives. Disgusted.

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