A Day in the Life of a Sexologist


Living A Double Life

This is my life. And sometimes I think it’s a double life. It’s sometimes glamorous and exciting and one of a kind, and yet at the same time it’s so terribly ordinary that it is hard to believe all of these things are happening to the same person.


14 strangers in the past week or so have remarked that I’m going to be famous. There were comments like “sign my book, it’ll be worth something someday”, and after two minutes of hearing me speak at an in-home party “we’re going to be seeing you on TV”, and after introducing myself at Feminique “someone should make a movie about you”. All strangers. All separate instances. 14 times. This week I did a photo shoot- and even an unsolicited casting interview with Playboy for crying out loud. Two nights this week (Wednesday for the annual Men’s Night Out and Saturday night for a Fellatio 101 in-home party), I stayed after the event to party with the guests. I even received some fan mail. This is what I do. I talk about sex, and wear sexy outfits, and party (often while talking about sex and wearing sexy outfits)- Highly glamorous.

However also this week, I paid my first student loan bill ($1,400 per month, every month, for the next 20 years…), used the credit card to pay $360 to get the 11 year old POS Hyundai I drive fixed, ate mac and cheese out of the pot, and lived in an apartment so dumpy that 1. the water stopped working. Tyler called the landlord and it was quickly fixed but for a few hours, I actually had no running water, and 2. I was locked out in the cold at 2am because the door is so old and falling apart it eats keys and my key got stuck and broke off in the knob. The double life is frustrating- how is it that in the same week I was Skyping with Hollywood and had no running water?

My life by day…

Photo Credit: Nathan Kuruna

My life by night… 

I am SO ready for my big break, but even though every once in awhile (like now) I complain, I really don’t often about the money situation because I absolutely love my job and I wouldn’t trade it for a higher paying one. I have mostly everything I need, and lots of things I want, and even a little to give, so I am definitely feeling otherwise good and in the holiday spirit!

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